"Ignition of talent leads to enhanced productivity, creativity and innovation. Fostering the individual to become more engaged and fulfilled in the workplace leads naturally to the expansion of the collective, the organization."

-Lisa Jacoby & Caroline Temple

Whether you’re a Fortune 500, a small business, or a non-profit, success in the 21st century demands creativity and innovation. Innovation happens only when we allow individuals to explore and push beyond their limits. As a leader, you work diligently to attract, train and retain the best and the brightest. You know you have amazing talent, but sometimes they need some re-invigoration and inspiration to reach the next level.

That’s where our workshops and coaching services come in. We create unique experiences that harness and unleash the energy that already exists within each individual on your team in order to reach full potential.


About the Facilitators Lisa Jacoby and Caroline Temple:

“Our collaboration began in 2008, when we co-authored What I Know to Be True: Six Simple Words to Set You Free. At its core, What I Know to Be True teaches that you are the only one who knows your own Truth. Our complementary partnership continues with our workshops, utilizing the best of our natural gifts and backgrounds.”

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