“Such a genuine, heart-felt and loving exploration of what really matters.”

 “I left feeling rested, energized, and for the first time, I really had a visceral experience for my own personal dreams and passions.”

 “Overall, this was a magnificent experience of freedom and imagination.  Thank you.”

 “I felt such a sense of love and calm today, as if I was wrapped in a swaddling blanket.  This was a significant break in what I had been feeling for some time – upset, unwell and tired.”  KW

 “The exercises were amazing and provided a beautiful buffet of experiences that touched and moved every one of us.”

 “WIKTBT is working wonders for me.  Surprisingly, it’s been easier than I thought to put into and keep in practice.”  LA

 “A powerful tool to help people find the courage and support to connect to the truth that lives inside.”  Kathy Caprino

 “WIKTBT allowed me to take down the mental fences and be open to going deeper into my own authenticity.  I know now that my success abides in my very spirit, my very soul.”  NB

 “I loved it.  It gave me the tools to work with in my life.”

 “You both come from such an authentic place and provide a mirror for us.  We are all looking to find a safe place where we can just be ourselves.  You both gently hold the space in your retreat, allowing us to meet our authentic selves.”  C Marcus

 “I am finally able to allow the emotions and am listening to my heart.  By acknowledging my inner truth the feelings seem to lose their hold on me.  I am moving through the tunnel and will come out of it more authentic and whole.”  ST

“It was like an awakening.  Positive, Safe, Enjoyable.” 

“A fantastic new, fresh approach of spiritual attunement.”

“A new enlightened way of thinking.”  DU

 “Liberating, centering, empowering.  Easy to understand and apply.”  RDM

 “Amazing, positive and uplifting.”

 “Very helpful and powerful food for my soul.”  WO

 “WIKTBT is that this workshop is powerful enough to change your life and some of your hardest struggles in the simplest of ways.  It is much needed for our times. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it.”  DZ