We’ll work closely with you, the expert in your organization, to design a one-of-a-kind program intended to ignite the unique talents of each and every one of your employees, so that they can be more happy, motivated and productive at work.

“It was fun and whimsical yet grounded in method; relaxing and restorative yet designed with a complete devotion to breakthrough and revelation. It was exciting and energizing to see members of my team come alive in so many different ways.”       

Kanya Balakrishna, Co-Founder, The Future Project 


What can you expect upon completing your workshop?

You can expect your team to come away inspired and empowered. The team will be humming with excitement and vigor as they shift to a whole new level of performance. When the individuals on your team flourish, the organization flourishes.

"You provided tangible examples of methods and practices that can be used continually long after the workshop.”

What does our workshop program look like?

A day-long or multi-day program tailored to the needs and goals of the group, this program is designed to maximize individual and team transformation. Using the core concepts of our liberating What I Know to Be True practice, participants explore turning inward for answers, discover what it feels like to connect with their authentic self, and practice dreaming into a new way of being. The workshop is designed with the understanding that everyone learns differently. Through individual and group exercises, accompanied by a stimulating PowerPoint presentation, we share teachings and guided meditations, incorporating dialogue, writing, drawing and movement. A variety of multi-dimensional experiential exercises allow participants to explore different paths to learning.

"The exercises were amazing and provided a beautiful buffet of experiences that touched and moved every one of us.”


Coaching for your team

What does individual coaching involve?

Thirty to sixty minute phone sessions provide individuals with focused guidance on professional development challenges, including time management, managing others (up & down), interpersonal communications, handling difficult conversations, conflict resolution and much more. This option is particularly helpful for small to medium size businesses who may not have an in-house human resources department. Often an outside perspective can provide neutral feedback to help individuals move forward in a way that best serves the organization’s mission and goals.

"Lisa and Caroline not only helped our entire staff during a team meeting last summer in NYC but also helped me individually with bi-weekly mentoring sessions. I have learned to communicate more clearly, recognize my worth and contributions in a bigger picture and learned how to be an effective manager with Lisa's guidance. I look forward to our sessions because they leave me invigorated, peaceful, focused and smiling."   Laura W

"I had a private 1:1 session and was extremely pleased with the outcome! Lisa was able to help me organize and prioritize current and future goals along with offering some great tips on maximizing internal/virtual communication."  LC, PC LLC

"My last conversation with Lisa was great, and I am working on implementing the steps we worked out together!"  AR, PC LLC


How are we different?

What I Know to Be True provides opportunity for everyone in the organization to shift into a new way of being and working. Enabling each individual to contribute their unique strengths and skills enhances the potential of the entire organization.

“Such a genuine, heart-felt and loving exploration of what really matters.”

What is the cost?

We will meet with you to determine how best to support your organizational goals and budget. You will receive a customized proposal created to reflect the unique culture of your organization.

"The experience has caused me to think in new directions and definitely triggered some new creative reflection processes.”

 Please contact us for more information as to how we can help your organization.