Our Stories


"It is our hope that the excitement we share about making a difference in the lives of others who are seeking a deeper sense of peace in their lives, will shine through in the examples we offer. What I Know to Be True is simple, powerful and it works. We are so pleased to share the practice that has helped us and so many others find our own voice, our own Truth; a practice that frees us from the judgments and expectations of ourselves and others."       -Lisa & Caroline

To see the Truth is Informative...To Know the Truth is Transformative.

During a stressful time when Lisa felt undervalued and the emotions associated with that experience overwhelmed her, she discovered something during meditation that had an immediate and profound impact.

"The words and practice of What I Know to Be True connected me with non-physical Source in a direct and powerful way, with clarity and purity that acted like a brilliant light. What I Know to Be True brought me back to my Knowing, my higher Truth: Truth beyond doubt, Truth without judgment, Truth that cannot be swayed. What I Know to Be True brought me to that place of joy and excitement, anticipating all good things to come. It filled me with exaltation, radiance, allowing me to be open to all possibilities."  -Lisa

Lisa shared this revelation with Caroline who found herself responding in kind. It perfectly complemented and supported Caroline's "wise woman within" approach with her clients.

"What I Know to Be True provided immediate and palpable relief; a shift I could FEEL, a way to support the inner truth that I'd been hanging onto for dear life (the one telling me that I was not a bad person. What I Know to Be True has helped me get in touch with my true self, the one I had kept hidden behind the encumbrance of unworthiness and the barrage of mental chatter. The window opened up to allow me to see and be seen with honesty and vulnerability. What I Know to Be True helped me deepen my journey of seeking my Truth and finding out who I really am."  -Caroline

From that simple, yet profound interchange came a more formalized discussion of this fundamental Truth. So began Lisa & Caroline's collaboration to share What I Know to Be True - aiding them on their own journey of growth while helping others.