Workshop, The Future Project team:

     “This was a magnificent experience of freedom and imagination.”

     “You didn’t cloud our thinking with gimmicks.”

 Workshop, Pascale Communications team:

    “I enjoyed the personality of Lisa and Caroline. They were engaging and even entertaining. I loved the way they found unique ways to help our team…”  Mona

    “My experience was great! The seminar was perfect for some roadblocks I’m facing in my personal life as well.”   Jamie

    “Loved the caring and gracious attitude of the facilitators.”

Open registration workshops:

     “Caroline and Lisa are such amazing spiritual guides to help us see our true self/essence.”

     “I deeply feel that you are a wonderful team and complement each other. I enjoyed the variety of exercises in writing, music, art, guided imagery and sharing.”

     “Such a gift you both gave me today.”

     “I’m usually full of constructive criticism, but not today. [The workshop] was well organized, great venue, talented facilitators.”  Kelly