Guided meditations are a way of being present and still with yourself and your inner heart wisdom. As well as being a relaxation tool to quiet the mind, meditation has been found to carry numerous health benefits, both physical and emotional, providing relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Caroline's "What I Know To Be True" meditations are available through SoundCloud. Listen to these meditations online or download them to your smart phone... 

Guided meditations can be channeled personally, to help you with your specific challenges. Contact us for more information.


Harness Your Brain’s Power with Guided Imagery By Caroline Temple MSW, LCSW

The WIKTBT Icon can be used as a meditation tool or print it out and post it as a reminder to use WIKTBT every day. It also makes a beautiful screensaver!

WIKTBT ICON-062311-300dpi.jpg

"This icon, energetically created to capture the essence of What I Know to Be True, visually expresses the journey a person takes using What I Know to Be True."     

                                        -Anna Linley, Mandala Artist                


"I felt such a sense of love and calm today as if I was wrapped in a swaddling blanket. The light was warm and inviting and I felt bathed in a glow that resonated everywhere while meditating."  AN, CT

"I just did your meditation. It was lovely and really relaxed me. I love guided meditation. I go much deeper than when I do it on my own."  AR, CT

“Remember the entrance door to the sanctuary inside you.”  Rumi

"I LOVE the beach meditation, it brings me to a wonderful place. [It's as if] Caroline tucks me in at night with that mellifluous voice of hers."  BD, NYC