Lisa Jacoby & Caroline Temple



“Our collaboration began in 2008, when we co-authored     What I Know to Be True: Six Simple Words to Set You Free  (Balboa Press, a division of Hay House).  At its core, What I Know to Be True teaches that you are the only one who knows your own Truth. We teach this unique practice which nourishes inner power, allowing participants to unmask, and ultimately trust in and live by their inner wisdom. Our complementary partnership continues with our leading edge workshops, utilizing the best of our natural gifts and backgrounds.”

Caroline is a psychotherapist, workshop facilitator, and author in the field of holistic and integrative mental health, human spirituality and mind-body-spirit healing. Trained and licensed as a clinical social worker and certified as a Holistic Stress Management Facilitator she brings her expertise in human behavior and motivation to What I Know to Be True and to her private therapy practice Caroline channels her passion for helping others to recognize, connect with, and trust their wise inner voice. Teacher, mentor and guide, she is recognized for providing a caring and compassionate space for all who work with her, enabling them to reach for their own inner truth.

A life-long student of the human potential movement, Lisa has turned a non-traditional path into a successful array of work experiences, continuously exploring new directions. A lifetime’s curiosity and spiritual exploration helped her develop and lead support and resource groups focused on holistic health and spiritual growth, as well as publish Natural Awakenings, a mind-body-spirit magazine. For What I Know to Be True with organizations, Lisa draws upon her executive experience, in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, managing teams to maximize creativity while meeting company objectives. Responsible for developing offsite programs to foster creative innovation and team building, Lisa’s natural abilities include recognizing and nurturing the gifts of others.